Thursday 21st September 2017,
NASA – Missouri Space Grant Consortium


Higher Education

  • SAE Advanced Aero Vehicle Design Team (S&T)
  • AHS First Responder Design Team (S&T)
  • Nanosat-4 Competition Teams* (S&T, WashU-MAE)
  • CanSat Competition Teams* (S&T, WashU-MAE)
  • Small Spacecraft Design Concepts* (S&T, WashU-MAE)
  • Flight Demonstration of Autonomous Rendezvous & Docking* (WashU-MAE)
  • M-SAT Project (S&T)
  • Engaging Undergraduate Students in the Culture of Professional Astronomy to Engender
  • Personal and Career Interest** (Truman State University)
  • Model-Based Robust Fault Tolerant Control for On-orbit Vehicles** (Saint Louis University)
  • Power Harvesting Using Flexible Piezoelectric Fibers (UMC)
  • Expanding MOSGC to UMKC Engineering (UMC/UMKC)
  • Combined Graduate, Undergraduate and Precollege Experimentation on NASA’s C-9 Aircraft (WashU-MAE)
  • Geospatial Extension Program (UMC/USDA)
  • Curriculum Development and Dissemination (WashU-EPSci)

Precollege Education and Outreach

  • High School Summer Internships (UMC, S&T, MSU, WashU)
  • Columbia Aeronautic and Space Association (UMC-CASA)
  • K-12 Classroom Visits (MSU, WashU, UMSL)
  • Constellation Club Chapter of Young Astronauts International (S&T/Conita Gaines)
  • K-12 Teacher Professional Development for MO-NASA Explorer Schools (S&T/Potosi RIII)
  • Elementary Student Planetarium Program (UMSL)
  • Astrobiology Teacher Training (WashU-EPSci)
  • Summer Space Academy (WashU-EPSci/SLGRC)
  • Unisphere Planetarium Program (SLSC)
  • Planetarium Program for Elementary School Students (UMSL)

General Public Education and Outreach

  • NASA Nights at Baker Observatory (MSU)
  • Telescope Observing Sessions (UMSL, SLSC, SLAS)
  • Public and Media Inquiries (UMSL)
  • Public Aerospace Lectures (WashU-EPSci/SLAS)
  • Aerospace Science Information Service (WashU-EPSci/SLAS)

* Exploration Systems Mission Directorate (ESMD) Funding ** Non-Affiliate Award

Educational Programs
Summarizes MoSGC educational programs, including undergraduate, and graduate programs as well as highschool internships and more!